Learn To Play Piano

A Mindful Approach

Learning a new instrument (it doesn't matter what it is) can be overwhelming.

The negative train of thought often speaks the words "I can't do this!" and

that sure doesn't help. Piano takes time, patience, repetition and requires you

to be EASY on yourself.  

At The Mindful Music Group, we encourage a goal based structure.

By setting small attainable goals, you will see progress a lot faster.

Whether you want to be a world renowned performer, composer or to  

play for fun, if you can believe it, you can achieve it.

The Mindful Music Group offers private lessons in the

instructors studio or in the comfort of your own home

(travel fees may be applicable)


Single 30 Minute Lesson       = $20.00

Group of 4 - 30min Lessons  = $75.00

Single 45 Minute Lesson        = $27.00

Group of 4 - 45min Lessons   =$100.00

Single 60 Minute Lesson        = $35.00

Group of 4 - 60min Lessons   = $120.00

*Long Distance Skype/ZOOM sessions available upon request